Real Life Luke Skywalker X-34 Landspeeder Unveiled

Luke Skywalker landspeederLuke Skywalker’s landspeeder was revealed at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday.  This kid-sized vehicle has realistic details that has Star Wars fans excited.

Designed for children ages 4 and up, the landspeeder seats 2 pint-sized passengers weighing up to 130 pounds.  The exterior has all of the trimmings you would expect to find on an landspeeder, including distressed paint and a big dent on the nose, just like Luke’s.

Although it has a very close resemblance to the X-34 landspeeder from Star Wars: A New Hope, it rides on wheels.  There is no hovering, but it’s still the coolest thing in this galaxy.

Inside of the vehicle is an interactive dashboard with lights and sounds from the movie.  Among the sounds you can hear the engine, R2-D2 or dialog from Luke Skywalker himself.

“Look it, theres a Droid on the scanner.  Dead ahead.  Might be our little Artoo unit.  Hit the accelerator!” – Luke Skywalker 


The gear shift allows for speeds of 2 or 5 mph in the forward position or 2 mph in reverse.  Running on a rechargeable 12V battery, it’s much smaller than the original would have been, weighing just 59.9 pounds.

Star Wars landspeeder_console

Built by Radio Flyer, the landspeeder will be sold exclusively at Toys R Us. With a price tag of $499.99 USD, it’s a little more expensive than a kid-sized Ferrari, but has all of the features an aspiring Jedi would want to have.  When you are battling Darth Vader, you need more than a lightsaber and the force, you need the right vehicle.

When Star Wars first hit the movie screens in 1977, we all aspired to be Luke, Han or Leia.  We reenacted movie scenes in the playground and used our little red wagons and Big Wheels to simulate landspeeders and the Millennium Falcon.  I suspect many of us who had this playtime ritual are now trying to figure out how to ‘fit’ in the new landspeeder and take it for a spin.  Maybe I could drive it to work one day, imagine how jealous my friends would be?

Check it out here:

Toy Story Faces For Your Apple Watch

Woody Pixar Apple WatchApple’s Worldwide Developer Conference had some great news for Disney and Pixar fans!

There was plenty of great stuff at the conference, you can see it all here. but it’s the Pixar stuff that I think is the most exciting!

Apple announced that as part of the features of the watchOS 4 this fall, they would be creating several new watch faces in featuring Toy Story characters!

Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear were shown with full animation displaying their own personal behaviors.


If you have an iWatch like I do – it will be great to rotate out the Mickey Mouse face once in a while and mix it up with some other great characters.

iMac Pro Pixar Lamp

I love the partnership between Disney and Apple and would love to see more collaboration. Maybe the reference to the Pixar lamp in the iMac Pro ad is a hint of what’s in store?

Do you have an Apple Watch?  Are you excited about these new faces?



Laundry At Walt Disney World

Laundry room at Bay Lake Tower Walt Disney WorldDoes anyone WANT do laundry at Walt Disney World?

No, but sometimes it’s necessary.

During a trip last year there were a few ‘mishaps’ where I needed to change outfits a few times one day. It might have been chocolate icing from my cupcake, mustard from my burger or my Pina Colava (okay, it was all 3), but they ended up on my clothes. I knew I needed to do laundry.

I gathered up all of the dirty clothes and headed to the laundry room at Bay Lake Tower where I was staying. I purchased my soap from the machine for $1 each with my credit card. So far so good.

I loaded up two machines (might as well wash all of the dirty clothes we had), then I saw the sign.

Laundry Instructions Disney

Disney laundry is high tech!

Using the website I was able to view the progress of my washing. I could set up an alert to let me know when it was done, or I could just keep checking online. No need to sit in the room or remember what time I put the load in. My vacation brain does not let me monitor time well and this was exactly what I needed.

Doing laundry was a great excuse to have some down time outside of the parks and enjoy the pool or resort.  I chose to enjoy my balcony with an afternoon cocktail and relax in the sun.

Laundry View Website WDW

About 40 minutes later, I checked the status and the laundry was ready to move to the dryer. I could see online that there were 4 dryers available for use before I went back to the laundry room. I purchased my dryer sheets from the machine, turned on a couple of dryers and had another little break.

Laundry Machine Disney

Before I knew it, the site was saying the dryers were done. Within 20 minutes I had folded the clothes, brought them back to the room and put them away. I felt relieved, now I didn’t have to worry about any ‘spills’ during future meals. Doesn’t that happen to everyone? Put on a white shirt and immediately spill ketchup on it? Happens to me ALL THE TIME, especially on vacation.

While I dreaded the thought of laundry while on vacation, it turned out to be a relaxing afternoon that we now plan for almost every trip. If I know I’m going to do laundry on vacation, I don’t pack extra clothes for the inevitable spills. I save valuable space in my suitcase for all of the stuff I buy, and I’m guaranteed a couple of hours at my resort, sitting in the sun with a drink in my hand.  Somehow doing laundry at Disney isn’t as painful as it is at home!

Do you do laundry on your Disney vacation?


Where To Buy Disney Bags, Wallets and Backpacks in Canada

Loungefly-Tinkerbell-ToteBeing in Canada, it’s expensive to buy quality Disney bags, wallets and backpacks.   Our Disney stores don’t have much ‘adult’ inventory aside from some T-shirts, so we are left with ordering online. Between the exchange rate on the US Dollar, shipping fees and duty, I struggle to justify my online purchases – until now.


1923 Main Street is exactly what Canadians have been looking for. It’s an online store that was founded by Mike Belobradic in 2013. Paying homage to the year that the Disney Company was founded (1923) and the reference to Main Street in the store name, you know that Mike has a real passion for all things Disney!

1923 Main Street offers a variety of products that include Super Heroes, Star Wars and Harry Potter, but my favorite collection is the Disney products of course!

Here’s a few of my favorite things on the site:

This Tinkerbell wallet is too cute – and there is a matching tote!


Who wouldn’t love this mini backpack with Mrs. Potts, Lumiere and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast?


Sometimes on vacation my make up is packed in a zip lock bag (don’t judge!), but WOW – this Gus cosmetic bag is just TOO awesome to pass up. Yes, the zip lock is going to be retired!!


There are so many great things that are on the site that my biggest challenge now is what to buy first? There are always new products being added, which will provide variety – but also updates to my birthday wish list!

Being an online only store, 1923 Main Street does not have the large overheads that a physical shop would have and those savings are reflected in the prices. I’ve done the comparisons and it really is the most affordable way to get your hands on the Loungefly or Danielle Nicole lines in Canada.

Mike is driven to ensure that his customers are satisfied with their purchases and interaction with his company. He is proudly shipping to Canada as well as the United States.

Check out all of the great merchandise available at

When Disney Decorating Takes Over Your Home

Disney SignI know that most people don’t have to mention their décor when they have guests over. They don’t say, “just to let you know, my house is decorated with a mid-century modern style” as part of the invitation. So why do I tell people before I invite them over that my house is Disney decorated?  I try to avoid the “I can’t believe how much Disney stuff you have” conversation with those who just don’t get it.

It started out in my 20’s when I had my first place. I had a few mugs, maybe a poster or two and some bedding. I was happy to have my own space to decorate just the way I wanted. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but I loved every piece I had. Most of my stuff was hand me downs from my parent’s house, or cheap trinkets that I could afford at the time.

With maturity and a decent job, my collection has grown. It’s a far cry from what it used to be and includes some more ‘collectible’ items vs. the mugs and toothbrush holder I had.  Disney decorating has become another addiction!

Disney Collectibles

Now my house is overrun with Disney stuff, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
Every piece of cutlery or dishes I own has Mickey ears. From serving plates to my kettle, it’s all Mickey.

Disney Kitchen

All artwork on my walls has some reference to Walt, Mickey or a Disney attraction or film.

Disney Art

Behind my front door you will find a photo of me as a ghost along with a sign that welcomes foolish mortals. The bathrooms have a little more subtle touch. I have Mickey hands that hold all of my towels and soaps. The alarm clock in my bedroom is Mickey colors, but it’s Donald Duck singing that wakes me up in the morning!

Disney Bathroom

Can you have too much Disney in your house? I don’t think so, I think I need more! There’s a great store in Disney Springs that is perfect for home décor.   When you’re there, check out D-Living, you won’t want to miss it.

Is your home Disney themed? Leave us a comment below!


11 Things You Need To Know To Be Friends With A Disney Addict

Carousel of ProgressI have been a Disney fan for as long as I can remember, it is who I am and my friends have accepted this about me.  While my ‘non-Disney’ friends don’t share my passion, they know what to expect from me because we have known each other for years.  For new people that come in to my life I have put together the top 10 things they need to know about becoming friends with a Disney addict.

  1. No matter what, I will always be wearing something Disney related.

It may be as subtle as an Alex & Ani bracelet or Mickey Mouse watch, or it may be something more obvious like my Disney Dooney bag or my Mickey tattoo.  If we are going somewhere in casual attire – you can safely assume that some kind of Disney t-shirt will be worn.  The only acceptable comment about any of this is “that is awesome”.


  1. If you visit my home, you will feel like you walked in to a place decorated by the imagineers at Disney.

Yes my cutlery is Mickey shaped, YES those are Mickey’s hands holding the soap in the bathroom and YES I will welcome you as a foolish mortal.  If you don’t know what something is, ask me!  I will be more than happy to explain the small piece of metal that is directly from Walt Disney’s train tracks in his backyard.  It may look like a scrap of metal to you – but it is one of my most prized possessions!  Unless you’re going to say “I love it!” – I don’t want to hear from you.

Disney Mice Decal

  1. I will manage to bring something “Disney” in to almost all of our conversations.

Somehow I will relate our inability to find a parking spot at the grocery store to how efficient the parking is at the Magic Kingdom.  I will tell you about the design, why the car doors don’t get ‘dinged’ and how they locate your car if you can’t remember where you parked.  It’s fascinating stuff – you should be listening!


  1. You can’t be embarrassed when we’re out in public and my phone rings.

When my phone bellows ‘Do not pull down on the safety bar please, I will lower it for you’, it makes me feel like I’m in the Haunted Mansion.  This is my ringtone, it makes me happy and I don’t care who hears it.  This also applies to the text notification from Star Tours and the email sound of Soarin – they are my little piece of ‘home’ and I love them.


  1. My news feed on Facebook will be 90% Disney stuff.

Yes, there will be the occasional family picture or a joke, but for the most part it’s all Disney.  When I’m on vacation – I’ll be posting even more and checking in at a bunch of attractions. You may not like it, but my Disney Facebook friends will love it!  Scroll by if it annoys you… but don’t tell me it did!

My Disney Dreams

  1. When you get in my car, chances are you will hear Disney music.

If I’m driving – I’m in charge of the tunes… so sing along and let it go….


  1. Don’t ever send me ‘dirty’ Disney jokes.

Don’t send me comics about naked princesses or Goofy doing something gross… making fun of Disney is like making fun of my family.  There’s a line – don’t cross it.


  1. Don’t say to me “You’re going to Disney AGAIN?  You need to see the world!”

Yes.. I am going again, and it won’t be the last time.  Just an FYI – I’ve seen the world, I walk around it every time I go to Epcot.


  1. Asking “Isn’t Disney for kids?” is a completely unacceptable question,

Unless you want a 20-minute tirade from me and a full run down of what the Food & Wine festival is, don’t even go there.  Believe me, you’ll be sorry you asked.

Disney Springs Isn't For Kids


  1. Don’t ask me how I afford it.

I don’t ask you how you pay for the car you drive, the food you eat or the clothes you wear.  I prioritize my Disney trips over other things that you may find important.  It’s my choice, my life, and none of your business.


  1. When you’re feeling down I will quote Walt Disney.

I will also send you text messages full of Disney emojis and gifs, and then tell you to watch a Disney movie.  All of these things make me happy and I will assume that they will do the same for you.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re friends with one of us, but there are some great things that come with our friendship too! Aside from the fact that we believe in magic and know what makes us happy, it’s really easy to get us to start singing!  Just say to a Disney fanatic “there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow” and watch what happens!


When The Deal May Be Too Good To Be True

Disney ParadeI’m scrolling through Facebook tonight and reading the random posts on various pages when I come across one that is posted to the official Walt Disney World page.  It’s a post from a couple that have allegedly been ‘scammed’ by a Disney Cast Member.

In their claim, they say they directly paid a Disney cast member $1900 to book a vacation for them.  The cast member told them that she got a promotion and could no longer help them and would request a refund for them.  After limited communication – they reached out to Disney to confirm the refund was coming and were told that the reservation was made – but was never paid for.  It was then clear to them that the cast member stole their money.

This couple have taken to social media to complain that Disney will not reimburse them for the money they allegedly gave to the cast member.

After reading the posts and the couple’s responses, there are a few things that bother me about this story:

  1. They clearly gave this person money because they believed they were getting some kind of deal – maybe a cast member discount?  Does that mean they knew the cast member personally?  Why else would they give the money directly to this person vs. through a travel agency or Disney itself?
  2. They paid them through pay pal – I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay large companies via pay pal.  I don’t shop at Best Buy, The Disney Store or Alamo and submit my payment that way.  If they asked for a pay pal payment – I’d be suspicious, but that’s just me.
  3. Disney isn’t accountable for what their cast members do when they’re not on the job.  If this cast member was ‘on the job’ – they wouldn’t be paying for their vacation through pay pal (see point above).  This is like asking McDonald’s to pay a bank that their employee robbed.  Would you ask a movie theatre to reimburse you for the bootlegged video you bought from their ticket taker?  I think not.

If this cast member really does work for Disney and was using that privilege to scam people – you can be sure that they won’t be working there for long.   That is what Disney will and should do to address the situation.

If in fact these people lost their money, I feel bad for them.  It’s a horrible thing to be robbed and $1,900 is a lot to lose – but how it that Disney’s fault?  There are many people on social media posting that Disney is supposed to be ‘all about customer service’ and they can’t believe they aren’t ‘making this right’ – but it isn’t Disney’s to fix.  This is a matter for the police and if they have all of the receipts and communications that they say they have, the police should be able to handle it quickly.

Too often people think they can force a company like Disney to pay for their mistakes by bashing them on social media, and they may just get what they want. While $1,900 is nothing to a company of this size, it speaks to the larger issue of guests believing that no matter what goes wrong “in the name of Disney” – that they will fix it.  This isn’t a culture that Disney should encourage, and I hope that they don’t give in.

Disney Emoji Blitz Makes Me Text More

Emoji BlitzI confess, I am shamefully addicted to playing games on my phone. It started with Candy Crush years ago and has carried on to many different Disney themed ones.  The problem is, I start playing a game and a few weeks in, I have lost interest in them.  That is until I found Disney’s Emoji Blitz.

I like to play these games on my phone or iPad when I just need to ‘zone out’ for a few minutes.  It’s a great way to focus on something that really doesn’t matter and take my mind off of everything else.

Disney’s Emoji Blitz is perfect.  It’s a matching game where you’re matching 3 or more characters in a row or column.   It features a wide range of Disney characters with plenty of opportunities to unlock new ones.   As you complete challenges – you’re rewarded with Disney Emojis you can download to your phone!Emoji Blitz Screen

My favorite Emojii that I have so far is probably Mickey with his sunglasses on.  As I get new ones, I’m always looking for someone to text so that I can send it.  This has become my new ‘happy face’ reply!

Some beginner tips to help you unlock more:Mickey Sunglasses

  • You can login to Disney Emoji using Facebook and compete with your friends for high scores.  Each time you surpass someone’s score there are rewards.
  • Aim for the bottom when you can – it creates a chain reaction at the top and you might get some matches you weren’t even targeting.
  • Don’t forget to go in and spin the prize wheel!
  • Pop the floating balloons at the end of a game for extra coins.
  • Use your emoji’s special power.  Some of them will give you power ups.

Ice Cream BarThere are in-app purchases available in the game.  Unlike so many other games, I haven’t had to purchase them to get farther.   Maybe it’s my continuous and consistent game play that keeps me stocked with coins and gems!

Download it today on iTunes or Google Play

Is That A Monkey At Epcot?

Epcot Spaceship Earth from the monorailJust when I thought I had seen it all, I see a video I can’t believe…

A Monkey.  In a diaper.  At Epcot.  


You can’t make this up.  If you don’t believe me, the video is below.

Disney’s official website says “At Walt Disney World theme parks and Resort hotels, a service animal is defined as any dog or miniature horse trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.”

What was the conversation at the gate when they walked in with this animal?  What will we see next?  Snakes, frogs, mice?  What about a bearded dragon?

When is Disney going to say “NO” to some guests?  People are clearly pushing the envelope and taking advantage. This will eventually  spin out of control and Disney will have no choice but to start putting restrictions on the service animals in the park.  The only people that will suffer are those who really need their service animal with them.

What do you think?  Should Disney have prevented them from entering the park?

5 Things I Learned This Year

Once Upon A TimeIt’s December 31st and I have spent most of the day cleaning.  My Mum always said that if your house was dirty at midnight – it would be dirty all year.  It’s funny how those things never leave you.

As I was cleaning, I was thinking about the year that has passed and realized that I learned some valuable lessons along the way.   I decided to take a break and jot them down.

Here are 5 of my ‘ah-ha’ moments from this year

1.  My full time job is not my life

It’s taken me a long time to figure this one out, but my corporate job is just a job.  Witnessing the layoffs of talented individuals I realized that no matter how good we are – we are all replaceable, and some day they will replace me.  I take pride in my work and love the people I work with, but my life exists outside of that office.   My job isn’t who I am and it isn’t a measure of my success as an individual.  I no longer live to work there; I work there to live. 

2.  Google can make you more independent

What do you do when your washing machine breaks and you live alone?  Or what about when you need to replace your shower head or fix the leaking toilet?   I discovered this year – you Google it!  Everything you ever needed to know about repairs, home renovations, plumbing and electrical – it’s all there with great videos to walk you through it!  I have fixed so many things by myself this year, all with my laptop propped up next to me while watching step-by-step videos!  It really felt good to be able to do these things myself.  Want to know what else Google did for me?  It helped me find the snow removal company so I don’t have to shovel my driveway… Yes – Google is MY friend!

3.  Technology can save me valuable time

Almost 90% of shopping that I did was online.  Penguin Pick Up and Loblaws Click & Collect saved me so much time this year!  We even have an app at work that I can order my Tim Horton’s tea ahead of time so it’s ready when I get to the counter!   Syncing my phone to my car allows me to listen to podcasts on my drives or call my friends for a catch up.  I don’t go to the bank anymore, I do it all on my app and have not waited in 1 single bank line all year!  Embracing technology more thank before has really paid off.

4.  Money is made to be spent and I need to treat myself

I made some different choices this year.  I didn’t invest in the painting I need done in my house, or fixing the big dent I put on my car, I took that money and splurged a little on myself.  I cruised concierge on the Disney Dream, I upgraded to business class on a couple of flights and I paid to have someone ELSE shovel my driveway.  While I’m sure my sister is reading this thinking “YAY – she’ll splurge on a cabana again at Castaway Cay or buy that house in Florida” – I need to remind her that I’m only going to splurge on what I can afford to!

5.  You can be scared, but you need to try anyway

Launching my website was scary, what if people didn’t like it?  What if it was a flop?  What if I wasn’t good at it?  Too many WHAT IFs!  I spent so many years being afraid of what people would think, and truth be told – I was afraid to fail.  This year I decided it was time to throw caution to the wind and take a chance.  It was the best decision I made all year.  Have I failed?  Yes – I have had many ‘failures’ in this adventure, but I have learned from every single one of them.  Were some people mean?  Yes – the Internet has trolls, but it is also full wonderful people who have encouraged and supported me along the way.  For that, I will always be grateful.

Now, I’d better get back to cleaning… I can’t risk a dirty house all year!

Thank you for following, I hope my site brought some Pixie Dust in to your days.  I have enjoyed every minute of connecting with you all.

Wishing you all a magical new year!

All the best,

Pixie Dust Fan


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