Loungefly-Tinkerbell-ToteBeing in Canada, it’s expensive to buy quality Disney bags, wallets and backpacks.   Our Disney stores don’t have much ‘adult’ inventory aside from some T-shirts, so we are left with ordering online. Between the exchange rate on the US Dollar, shipping fees and duty, I struggle to justify my online purchases.

I’ve recently discovered the beauty of shopping on Amazon!  I had no idea the selection of Disney items that were available – with many shipping to Canada!

From luggage to bags, you can find everything at Amazon.ca – it’s my new go-to online shopping!

Disney Loungefly On Amazon

Lots of styles available

The other great place that I have found in Canada is Hot Topic!  They have a bunch of locations in Toronto and I always find something

Aside from the Loungefly bags – they have really different T-shirts and merchandise that you don’t see anywhere else.


Where is your favourite place to shop?

Leave us a comment so we can all spend some money 🙂


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