Where To Buy Disney Bags, Wallets and Backpacks in Canada

Buying Loungefly Disney Canada
For Canadians it is expensive to buy quality Disney bags, wallets and backpacks.  The Canadian Disney stores don’t have much ‘adult’ inventory aside from some T-shirts, that leaves online ordering from Shop Disney. Between the exchange rate on the US Dollar, shipping fees and duty, it can be difficult to justify those online purchases.

Of course you can shop on Amazon, there is quite a selection of Disney merchandise with many shipping to Canada.

Loungefly bags and wallets available at Pop In A Box!

The other option that I have found is Pop In A Box.  I was recommended to check out their website when I was in search of some Funkos and I couldn’t believe how reasonable the shipping prices were for them.

Disney Fantasia 80th Sorcerer Mickey Pop! Vinyl Figure

Disney Fantasia 80th Sorcerer Mickey Pop! Vinyl Figure

The Funko Pops are fun to collect, and I may have a problem now that I’ve found Pop In A Box – but that’s another post!

They have quite a selection


It is surprising how much selection they have and how reasonable the shipping is.  I priced out shipping one of the bags and it was $5.  How can you beat that?  Shop here for Pop In A Box, they have many different franchises besides Disney.  You’ll find Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter and Fortnite as well as pop culture like WWE, The Big Bang Theory and Dr Who!  You really do need to just browse the site and see all the great stuff they have.

Where is your favourite place to shop?

Leave us a comment so we can all spend some money 🙂

Baby Yoda Echo Dot Stand

Baby Yoda echo dot holder

Mandalorian fans have something other than the new season to be excited about!

Coming on August 20th, 2020 – The Mandalorian: The Child, Stand for 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot

Made by Otterbox, it’s made with durable material to withstand high-use for everyday enjoyment.  Otterbox has some great quality cell phone cases, I’m certain this will be no different.

This fun new stand is a great way to integrate a little Baby Yoda in to your home decor.

Available on pre-order now on Amazon. 

I did read that it was not available to ship to Canada but a very ‘shop savvy’ follower sent me the link so we CAN order in Canada!  You can find it in my shop here

Will you be ordering one of these?

Shop our store for other Mandalorian favourites – don’t forget the plush!

Baby Yoda Plush


Disney Puzzles Are Fun For Everyone

Magic Kingdom PuzzleThere is something so relaxing about putting a puzzle together.  It takes focus, patience and a little creativity.  It forces you to look at things differently and clear your head of other distractions.  Time can pass without notice when you sit down to concentrate on a puzzle, that’s why it is such a popular family activity.  For families it brings you together to one common goal, forcing you to help each other find the pieces needed to move forward.  Some of the best family conversations can be had over a great puzzle.

Now you throw in to the mix a great Disney puzzle and it makes the activity even more magical!   There is a Disney puzzle suitable for any occasion – and all skill levels!

My sister is a huge puzzle fan and I inevitably end up buying her one or two for Christmas.  She love the princess ones, but honestly I can’t go wrong with any of them.   Although I will admit that she can get frustrated when there are TOO many pieces all the same color!  Yes, I have heard that complaint from her 😉

My Disney Puzzles

Some of Becky’s Favourites

Let’s take a look at some of the Disney puzzles for all ages: 

Mickey Mouse and Friends Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle

Mickey Mouse and Friends Jumbo Knob Wooden Puzzle

Everyone has to start somewhere!   This cute little wooden puzzle is recommended for children 18 months to 3 years.  Puzzles at this age encourage fine motor skills development and color recognition.  Brought to you by Melissa and Doug, a couple with 6 kids of their own – they have a toy for EVERY stage of development!  

If Frozen 2 is more your style

Disney Frozen 2 25Piece Foam Puzzle

Disney Frozen 2 25Piece Foam Puzzle

This foam puzzle is perfect for kids ages 4 and up with 25 soft pieces that are easy for the kids to hold.  

When it’s time to graduate to 100 pieces, this Princess puzzle is perfect

Disney Princess 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Disney Princess 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

For ages 6 and up this 100 piece puzzle features some of our favourite Disney princesses!

Now somewhere between the children’s puzzles and the more advanced puzzles – there are a few 500 piece puzzles, but not many!

Summer Greetings 500 Piece Puzzle

With the similar colours this puzzle could be harder than it looks!

The really funny and intricate puzzles are all over 1,000 pieces.  Not suitable for young kids, these puzzles could be a few evenings of quality family time while you figure out these!

Disney Villainous Maleficent 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Disney Villainous Maleficent 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Not only could I spend hours DOING these puzzles I could spend hours SEARCING for puzzles online!

But when you’re ready for the challenge – the ULTIMATE Disney Challenge and you are graduating from the 1,000 piece puzzle – there are two puzzles I found that would be EPIC – but would require too much room in my house to assemble!

Ravensburger Mickey Through The Years 40,320 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

One of the largest Mickey puzzles in the world at 40,320 pieces!

At 40,320 pieces, this would be a challenge for anyone!  But at $599 on Amazon, I won’t be buying it anytime soon!

And then there is this one, I think it’s awesome – but again… too big for my house and too expensive for me to buy:

Memorable Disney Moments 40320 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Memorable Moments

I do love the thought of pulling together all of these classic memorable Disney moments in to one giant puzzle – but 40,320 pieces is so overwhelming!  With my luck I would lose 1 or 2 pieces and discover it at the end!  

Do you do puzzles at home?  What’s the largest one you’ve done?


Gift Ideas For A Disney Fan

What do you buy a Disney fan?

It’s that time of year again, when you start the conversations of “what do you want for Christmas?”.

Personally, I dread these conversations every year.  

It was different when we had little ones to spoil and there were so many different things you could buy them.  There was always the one or two toys that were difficult to get – the “IT” toy of the year that required lining up at stores at midnight to get one of whatever the thing was!  In my day it was a Cabbage Patch Kid, but more recently it has become special video games or consoles.  Either way there was always the excitement of trying to get that ONE thing that was so special.

Now that the kids are grown and we’re buying for adults – it’s much more difficult because we don’t NEED anything.  If we needed something, we would have bought it for ourselves.  So that rules out stuff we need – what about stuff we would like??  

For the Disney fan, there is always stuff we would LIKE but maybe don’t NEED?  I had some fun searching online for some stuff that would be fun to have… but I probably wouldn’t buy for myself unless I had some extra money lying around!  Click any of the pictures for the links to buy!

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I’m Done Adulting I’m Going To Disney Wine Glass

Truth be told I don’t even really like wine all that much, but I think these are fun for when you’ve got company over?  Just to show a little Disney side?

Disney T-Shirts

A girl can NEVER have enough tshirts… seriously!  And this one ‘speaks’ to me of course!  I have a lot of Disney T-shirts, but I try to refrain from buying them outside of the parks or else my collection will REALLY be out of hand.  I try to limit my purchases to the parks and sometimes the Disney Store – but these shirts online are really tempting me!

Disney Dooney & Bourke

I have a thing about Dooney’s … and I have enough of them – well more than enough, but I love this Orange Bird one!  I would never buy it because I have too many blue purses – but this one is so cute!

A Disney Kitchen Gone Wild!

I already have a full on Disney kitchen – but there are some other items I could ‘clutter’ my countertop with happily!

The Fruit Basket

I don’t buy fruits because well…they go bad in my house long before I would eat them, but this is just too cute!  And affordable… if I had fruit I’d want it.  But maybe it doesn’t look so good empty?

A Cake Pan

How fun would it be to bake a cake with Mickey baked in?  If I could bake… or cook at all – this would be fun.   

Mickey’s Lunch Box

Again… if I took my lunch to work on a regular basis – this would be something I would buy.   At this point I have 4 or 5 different lunch bags and all the tupperwear I can handle – and I still don’t take it to work often enough to justify buying this.  But if I WAS going to buy a new one – this would be it! 

Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Here’s another one – how do you even make a waffle?  But I might learn just to have a Millennium Falcon shaped waffle on a Saturday morning.  I mean how cool is this?  Maybe it’s like pancakes?  Do they make the boxed stuff that you just add eggs?  I need to investigate this – and now you know how useless I am in the kitchen!   

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Fountain

 It’s Mickey Mouse and chocolate – enough said?  Do I need to really sell this one?  I think the big danger for me here would be that I might never leave the house… I’d be eating chocolate covered everything.  Well MAYBE that’s how I start eating more fruit??  hmmmmm… there could be a case made here for this!  laughing

Disney Art and Collectibles

I may have quite a bit of Disney art already in my house.  In fact, I think I have art upstairs that I haven’t even hung up yet – but I can’t help it… good art and collectibles just tug at my heart strings and I want them all.  I have to practice restraint with some of them because they’re not like t-shirts, I can’t afford to buy that many!

Mickey’s Creative Journey

This is such a fantastic piece – Mickey through the years.. but notice each Mickey has a ‘hand’ in the next?  I love it – and I am sure I could find a place to hang it in my house!

Winnie The Pooh Tree Climbers

Winnie the Pooh holds a special place in my heart for so many reasons.  This one is so fantastic because it’s long and thin… would fit perfectly in so many places in my house that traditional stuff does not.

False Window Frame Mural

Wouldn’t you love to be able to stare out the window at home and see the castle?  I would – if I thought I could put this decal up properly I would be buying it!

Peter Pan Wall Decal

And even though this is shown in a nursery – I would TOTALLY have it in my house!!  I love this… but I do fear I wouldn’t get it stuck on properly?  Have you ever done one of these?  Was it easy?

RARE Disney Collectibles

Walt Disney loved trains, and if money wasn’t an issue – this would be a fantastic piece to have in my house.  It’s quite the collectible with a limited edition of only 1,000 made and the details look incredible on it.  Wouldn’t this be a great conversation point with visitors at your house?  I guess only if they were Disney fans!  This one is NOT available to be shipped to Canada.  Sometimes it’s really hard being a Canadian Disney Fan!

Disney Accessories

It’s always fun to have some Disney touches in your accessories – and this Mickey Mouse sterling silver necklace is perfect!  There’s also a Minnie version if you’d prefer to have a bow! 

I am of course addicted to Alex and Ani as well, those bracelets are always a fun souvenir!  Carrie and I talked about those on the podcast about souvenirs because they are the perfect way to remember your trip every day when you’re wearing them!

What about a watch for him?  These Mickey Mouse watches are the perfect gift for the Disney guy in your life!   

Our Own Droid

Admittedly, this one is WAY out there…. And I have NO idea what I would do with it, or even where I’d put it – but it’s cool.  If I had a bigger house and lots of money… I would have my own voice activated R2D2!

A Trip Of Course?

When in doubt – gift cards that will help me GET to Walt Disney World, Disneyland or on a Disney Cruise is always welcome!

Disney fans aren’t REALLY that hard to buy for.  We’re easy to please – something that reminds us of our happy place and all of the memories is all we need!  Oh… and a little Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust?  ……. I couldn’t resist!

While you’re buying gifts for your loved ones, consider donating to a local charity to pay it forward… everyone could use some extra Pixie Dust.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar

Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar

It's more fun doing a countdown to Christmas with this Nightmare Before Christmas Advent Calendar!
Walt Disney World Castle Musical Snowglobe

Walt Disney World Castle Musical Snowglobe A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Walt Disney World Castle Musical Snowglobe A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
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The Haunted Mansion – Call of The Spirits Board Game

The Haunted Mansion – Call of The Spirits Board Game
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Disney Princess Funko Pops

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Holiday Disney Funko Pops

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