Art Smith Homecoming Disney SpringsI am not a “foodie” who follows cooking shows.  I have a hard enough time not stuffing my face while sitting on my couch, so why would I watch an hour long show that makes everything look so delicious?  If you ask me, that’s a temptation that I can’t handle!

When my family suggested that we visit Chef Art Smith’s restaurant at Disney Springs, I had no idea who he was.  Of course they knew who he was because two of them are addicted to cooking shows and are the type of people who get excited about a new kitchen appliance.  I was worried that it would be some ‘fancy food’ – but they assured me that it was famous for fried chicken.

We arrived at Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming for our reservation.  I really liked the way the interior was laid out; it was very inviting and open.  The details and theming were impressive, you really felt like you were in someone’s home in the south with the screened in front porch.

Everyone was enjoying themselves and the atmosphere when my sister took out her phone and started snapping pictures of some man. Art Smith I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, until this man came to the table and I realized that this was THE Chef Art Smith.  He was a lovely man who chatted with us and posed for pictures.  Let’s just say a few people at our table were very excited to get to meet him!

The menu arrived and I was delighted – can you say fried chicken??   I wish that we had ordered a full variety on the menu to give you an idea – but we all got the chicken.

The kids had chicken fingers and fries from the kids menu.  It was a hearty helping, and they loved it!

All 4 adults had to get the Fried Chicken and Doughnuts.  It’s 2 pieces of fried chicken with house made doughnuts and a side.  We mixed it up a little and each got a different side.

1 had Mac and Cheese

1 had cheddar cheese biscuits

1 had mashed potatoes

And 1 had fries (that’s me)

Well, what can I say… as a fried chicken lover, it was incredible!!  I love chicken, but I normally don’t like the bones. I cut right down the middle of my chicken breast and there was no bone!   The chicken was so moist and the seasoning was perfect.  We took turns tasting each other’s side dishes so that we could compare, but we were all happy with our own selections.

My favorite side dish had to be the Mac and Cheese.  While I really enjoyed the fries (I love all kinds of fries) – the Mac and Cheese was delicious!  It would be a little much if I were going dancing after dinner, but if you’re taking a leisurely stroll around Disney Springs – it gives you a chance to work off all that goodness!

Art Smith Rum CakeDid we have room for dessert?  No… did we order one?  Yes… to share!

The kids got ice cream and doughnuts and the adults got the Shine Cake.  I’m not a big fan of cakes that aren’t drenched in icing – but my family who love Rum Cake definitely loved this one!

I think it’s safe to say that I would recommend Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming at Disney Springs.  The question is, will I get the chicken and doughnuts again when I go back?  Okay – that’s really not a question worth asking, the question is – fries again or Mac and Cheese!

Let us know if you’re dined at Chef Art Smith’s and what you thought!

Art Smith Chicken and Fries Art Smith Mac and Cheese Art Smith Chicken and Buscuits Art Smith Kids Meal Art Smith Chicken and Mashed Potato






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