Disney Dream ShipI travel to Walt Disney World a few times per year, I am a Disney fanatic who would go every week if I could.   I have a couple of ‘non Disney’ friends who are now fans of visiting Walt Disney World once they realized how great it was for adults without kids.  Convincing them that a Disney Cruise without kids was a good idea was a whole other story!  They had visions of being ‘trapped at sea’ with hundreds of kids surrounding them screaming and crying.  I had to call upon my cruising experience to tell them the benefits of cruising Disney without kids.

1.  The Staterooms

These staterooms are larger than most I have seen on other cruise lines, but they also have a sense of elegance about them.   The split bathroom in most staterooms give you the ability for 2 people to get ready for dinner at the same time – something that is very valuable when you’re sharing a room!  We have had 4 adults in a stateroom for a few of our cruises and been VERY thankful for having that split bathroom when we were getting ready.  The Deluxe Family Stateroom was a TON of room for 4 of us.


 2.  Dining

The dining experiences on a Disney Cruise are spectacular.  Going to a different dining room each night and having servers that stay with you for the duration of your cruise is awesome. I told them on the first night what a picky eater I am and I got terrific recommendations catered to me each night that followed.  The servers did tell us that if we didn’t finish our bottle of wine at dinner that they would bring it the next night, but somehow that was never necessary.   The specialty dining in Palo or Remy is a full indulgence not to be missed!

Palo Chocolate Strawberry

3.  The Adult Only Pool

This pool is an oasis at sea!   With a hot tub and bar near by, this was by far my favorite place to be during the day.
It’s quiet, inviting and relaxing. The crew is fantastic at replenishing my drink whenever I need it.  I sit by the pool reading on my iPad – with my biggest exertion being to get up and get in to the pool when I need to cool down.  There are no kids, no loud sounds – just peace.DCL Dream Adult Pool

4.  The Spa

Senses is the ultimate relaxation!  From Spa treatments to salon services – there is plenty to choose from for an afternoon of pampering!  I haven’t had the opportunity yet to get the pampering – but I did try acupuncture on the ship after I pulled a muscle, they had me feeling great in no time. Next time I’m checking out the spa in more detail!

5.  The Bars and Lounges

There are so many adult only bars at night to explore that I missed the 687 pub on a ship I had sailed on 3 times!  My favorites on the Disney Dream are Skyline and Pink.  Skyline has a huge ‘window’ that changes every 15 minutes showing you the skyline of a different city, it really is spectacular. Pink is themed to look like the inside of a champagne bottle with bubbles everywhere.  Keep watch in some of the bubbles during your stay – you may just see a pink elephant appear!  There are comedy clubs, sports bars and dance clubs – something for everyone!

For some extra fun for adults, they often have mixology classes or champagne tasting in the afternoon!  These were a great value and a lot of fun.  We discovered Rosa Regale at one of these events and often have it at Walt Disney World when we visit.

6.  Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay CabanaCastaway Cay (Disney’s private island in the Bahamas) is home to Serenity Bay, the adult’s only part of the island.  It is the most relaxing and beautiful beach I have ever been to. The sand is soft, there are plenty of umbrellas for shade and the water is clear. Need a drink?  They have cast members walking the beach to take your order. Feel like snorkeling or bike riding? They have that too… there are plenty of activities if that’s what you enjoy!

We like to make the most of our day when visiting Castaway Cay and rent a private cabana on Serenity Bay, it’s our little piece of paradise. We have our own hammock and inner tubes, a fridge with cold water and pop, and a button to call our cabana host if we need anything.  It really is the ultimate day of bliss.

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Whether you travel with children or not, Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone.  With all of the kids activities and clubs on board, parents can indulge in some of these adult activities while the children having a ball in their own clubs with the new friends they’ve met.

Once I had shared the highlights with my friends, the question was ‘when do we go?’  We decided that the ONLY way we could do our first cruise together was in style, so we splurged on concierge. If you’re ever looking for luxury – this is it!  Make sure you check out my review of the concierge experience and stateroom!

Have you done an adult only Disney cruise?  Would you recommend it?

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