Do Not DisturbWhether it’s your first Disney vacation or your hundredth, you should use a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations.  This topic is debated frequently in many Facebook Groups, but I often see some big misconceptions given for reasons against it.  I decided it was time to correct some of that misinformation.

Here are my top 5 myths about booking with a reputable Disney Travel Agent


1.  You will pay extra

Your Disney vacation will cost the SAME as if you booked it directly with Disney yourself.  A good agent can tell you where you might be able to save some money or what ‘upgrades’ would be worth it.


2.  You lose control of your vacation

Nothing could be FURTHER from the truth.  You can control as much or as little as you like!  You can book your own fastpasses, dining, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique reservations and special events if you’d prefer.  The beauty is that if you don’t WANT to book those things – you have an agent who will do it for you free of charge.


Donald Duck Dream Along With Mickey

3.  You don’t need one

Honestly, I need one…. and I’ve been visiting for over 40 years!  My travel agent doesn’t do my fastpasses or dining (although I probably should let her since I’m terrible at it!).  Where I get a TON of value is when there is a promotion or event, or website glitch that requires a call to Disney. I don’t have to sit on hold for 4 hours when the room promotion comes out, or when I have to change my dates because of the hurricane coming – my agent does that for me.


4.  All of the information is online anyway

Sure, and you still can do your own research when you’re using a travel agent.  You can make decisions based on what you’ve read online, what your friend at work told you and what you saw on TV.  Where you can use the agent is to bounce around ideas with your specific goals in mind.  Agents can draw on the tribal knowledge within their team to provide specific feedback for your family and will have very recent experiences to share with you.  Why not have that extra resource at your disposal?


5.  They’re all the same

No, they aren’t!  Agencies with Disney’s EarMarked status indicates their level of experience and knowledge with Disney products.  It is important to find an agency with that status, but also an agency built by people who truly love what they do.

I recommend Pure Magic Vacations – they love what they do, and they know what they’re doing!

Do you use a travel agent to book your Disney vacation?


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