I don’t know about you, but Facebook is a part of my every day routine.  I love that I can sign in and see tidbits from people’s lives and connect with those that I don’t get to see often enough.  I have made some wonderful Facebook friends from the Disney community and follow along on their vacations getting ideas of things I might like to try the next time I visit.  I keep up to date on news and gossip and take each piece of information with a grain of salt until there is ‘official’ word.

Disney groups on Facebook have become a real source of entertainment for me.   I’m always amazed by how perfect strangers can get so angry with each other over silly stuff.  I have to admit that I read these posts, but I rarely comment.  Instead, I get out my popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show until an admin deletes it.

I belong to a lot of Disney ‘groups’ on Facebook, but there are a few that are managed by some real characters (pun intended!) that really bother me.   I’m not sure if it’s just my love of Disney that finds them offensive or just the manner in which the Admins conduct themselves that disturbs me.  I believe that any frequent visitor will have negative reviews or experiences in the parks, it’s expected.  We won’t like everything and should share those opinions in a manner that is useful and beneficial to the community and people who are thinking of visiting.

The main group that drives me crazy is one that was showcased on a local news station because the admin visits the parks so often.   I have watched this group grow as they flog T-shirts with copyrighted material and I often wonder why Disney hasn’t shut it down.   While the admin doesn’t work for Disney, he represents the ‘ultimate fan’ to some people online.  He posts about restaurants and some of his tummy issues after eating there (only he isn’t so delicate with his words).  He’s made videos ranting about guests suggesting that the majority of them don’t shower and has called them idiots and morons.   His representation of what is wrong with the parks is inflammatory and creates hostility in those that follow him.  His twitter feed is full of statements that at best can be seen as bullying, racist or very unkind remarks about others.

There are people who are researching for their first trip to Walt Disney World in this Facebook group.   After reading these rants and reviews, they are expecting a park full guests who push and run you over with their strollers and restaurants that make you sick!  C’mon Disney – people wear these shirts in your parks to let others know they follow this nonsense.

Yes, I know I could leave this group, but I think I stay because I want to be there to read if Disney ever tries to shut them down.  I’m sure it is irrelevant now anyway as I will probably be banned if they hear about this post.   It’s okay though – I’ll hang out on the page I respect, you know – the one that’s ‘all’ about ‘ears’  🙂



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